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MMA: Silva shows age doesn’t matter, and Height was no worry for Hunt

UFC on Fuel TV 8

The past UFC even wasn’t the big name fights that you are going to see on pay-per-view every other week.  This event was one that stood out because of the possible contentions that each fight held for the winners.  Some may have been one of their last fights in their career, and others could have meant that next step to being the number one contender for the UFC title.  There is always an opportunity after every fight for someone to step up and possibly be the next guy to be labeled as ‘great’.  For these fights, there wasn’t much spice to them early on, but a lot of great technical fights.

Takanori Gomi v. Diego Sanchez

To start out on this fight card, I thought it would be appropriate to lead off with a guy who looked to be in the best shape of his life during this fight.  No this isn’t spring training where every player says they are in the best shape of their life, this is the UFC where people struggle to stay at the top of their game.

Sanchez started this fight out very well in the first round with great combos and the one takedown of the fight.  Gomi showed great shot defense within the second and third rounds, but Sanchez took advantage of it getting a lot of quality strikes on Gomi while he was on the ground.  Sanchez has always been a strong ground and pound fighter.  It was obvious this was the one part of Gomi’s training that he focused on going in to this fight as there was little to none action on the mat.  Gomi didn’t go out of his way to really impress in the first round giving it to Sanchez 10-9.

Once the bell for round two rang, Gomi was much more up beat and active as he took Sanchez’s role from the first round and dominated that round.  Sanchez received a warning from the ref about a kick near the groin, but wouldn’t hurt him for the rest of the fight.  This round went to Gomi 10-9 with his obvious aggression.

As stated before, Sanchez was in the best shape of his life (in my opinion), but Gomi’s conditioning was just as amazing.  Though both fighters were very technical with everything, no one seemed to impress me within this fight to really say they were a definite winner.  After the third round finished, the official decision was 29-28 Sanchez, 29-28 Gomi, and 29-28 Sanchez giving him split-decision victory.

Mark Hunt v. Stefan Struve

This fight was the most interesting of the night because of the appeared disadvantage that Mark Hunt appeared to have.  Struve being 7 feet tall compared to Hunt and his 5’6 was the tale of the tape.  You could have easily jumped to the conclusion that Hunt was going to get dominated because of the reach advantage that Stefan Struve had, but that isn’t the way the fight ended.

As round one started, you could tell that it would be a traditional heavyweight fight as both would be swinging for the fences to try to end the fight early.  Struve got the fight to the ground early on where he wanted it to be to use his skills, but Hunt would return right back with great ground and pound combos.  Hunt finished the round with the possible win because of the punches he landed and the great defense he had.  I gave round one to Hunt 10-9.

Round two got under way with a bang (literally).  Hunt started it out not more then 10 seconds in to the round with a clean, powerful left hook that showed that it hurt Struve.  Hunt would keep up the punches and then would eventually have a nice leg sweep to get Struve on the ground.  Possibly not where Hunt should have taken the fight as it gave Struve some time to regroup and make a challenge to the judges that he won the round.  I still give the round to Hunt with a 10-9 score.

Much like round two, Hunt started it out with a powerful (and I mean powerful) left hook that rattled Struve again.  It was obvious that both men were exhausted in this round, but Hunt continued to land and land and land.  Hunt was really impressive with the striking that he showed for his reach disadvantage.  Hunt started each round out with an impressive left hook, and what do you know, he finished Struve with a left hook as well.  Struve really stopped defending himself allowing Hunt to throw combos on will.  With that win, Hunt now has the longest winning streak in the heavyweight division.

Wanderlei Silva v. Brian Stann (Main Event)

This fight hands down made this a great event for the normal viewer to watch since this wasn’t on pay-per-view.  If you love to see two men brawling and hurling punches at each other, find this fight online and watch it about ten times.

Silva and Stann came out on fire in the first round going back and forth with knocking each other down and continuously throwing punches.  This first round was a toss up who it went to because of that reason.  Both men looked to have an upper edge in their own way that could have given them the round, but the first round wouldn’t matter in the end of the fight.

Silva, who is 36 years old, put together some phenomenal combos in the second round to give him the edge over Stann.  Going from the right jab back to the left jab, Wanderlei would knockdown Stann for the final time of the fight.  Stann had no chance after that as Silva quickly jumped on to Stann finishing him with the ground and pound punches.  Silva, who hasn’t fought in Japan in over 6 years, had one hell of a homecoming with his second round knockout.

For Stann after the fight, he showed everyone how much respect there is between every fighter.  Stann said, “Wanderlei has always been one of my favorite fighters ever. He’s one of the fighters that inspired me to start this sport. I’m very proud to have been a part of his career, as much as this hurts right now. My heart’s broken. But I’m still proud that I put my name on the line and fought him.”

World in Sports

I am not the biggest hockey fan, or a Chicago sports fan at all, but what the Chicago Blackhawks are accomplishing in the NHL is flat out unbelievable.  The Blackhawks have gone 19-0-3 in their first 22 games of the NHL season.  This is a season within the NHL that only has 48 games due to the lockout.  Nearly half way through the season, and this team hasn’t had a game where they haven’t received a point.  There are 2 points for each win and one for an overtime loss in the NHL (for those unfamiliar with the rules).  How much longer can this team keep up the dominance that they have showed to nearly every team in the NHL?

There have been other teams that have gone undefeated and shown their dominance within collegiate athletics, but it is nearly impossible in pro sports.  Lets take a look at every major sport and imagine how crazy this would be.  No team will ever go undefeated in baseball with there being 162 games, the NFL has had this happen once since 1920 in its ample history, and the NBA will never see this happen with an 82 game season.

Overall, I really hope the Blackhawks can make it through the shortened season without losing a game in regulation so I can add this to my list of sports wonders that have happened in my lifetime.  My only worry is that if the Blackhawks are able to achieve this feat, will there be an asterix next to the record because of the shortened season?  You are the ones to judge that as I am getting ahead of myself with all these hopes.

Next week: New Yorks progress on allowing MMA fighting in the state and other states views on MMA

Tyler Lance, WRST Sports Director


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