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NBA: “You can only go as far as Kwik Trip will take you.” – Brandon Kinnard

A little late on the blog post but hey it will be worth the wait. Maybe. Anyway, the Bucks had a pretty good week. As I said last week the best Bucks fans could hope for was 2-1 and that is what they got. The expected win over Toronto, although it took overtime. A toss-up win over the Jazz at home and the over matched loss to the Clippers. First things first, who decided that it was a good idea for the Bucks to wear green and the Raptors to wear red in that game? No anyone in the colorblind community like myself that is for sure. It was exceedingly difficult to keep track of who had the ball, whatever. Ersan had a good game and followed it up with the dump he took against Utah but more on that later. The amount of points Alan Anderson scored without hitting many threes was a bit disconcerting. Overall the Bucks did what they needed to do to win and got solid contributions from all of its starters, yes 19 helpers counters 3-12 shooting Jennings had.

For the Jazz game, here is the thing, Favors was crushing Milwaukee early. He had 17 points after the first quarter and ended up with 23. He hardly played in the 4th and didn’t take a shot in the 4h. It also didn’t help that all starters not named Derrick Favors or Paul Millsap DIDN’T SCORE. The bench however had a banner game scoring 63 points averaging 15.75 per person. Kanter got 18 and 10 off the bench and was also a problem for the Bucks. The opposite was true for the Bucks. They got a combined 54 points and 20 assists from the starting backcourt throw in 17 from JJ off the bench, although he had a – 16 plus/minus. Ersan played terribly on both ends of the court to the point that the Jazz strategy down the stretch was to just attack with whoever Ersan was guarding and it would have worked too if they didn’t try to attack Sanders for a few possessions.

My point on all this game is about match-ups and teams not exploiting them. The Jazz had a great match-up on the Bucks in the frontcourt and went away from it. My policy regarding this is that as a coach you should not let the other team dictate who you play until it is proven that you must change because they are exploiting a mismatch. Until then make the other team pay for choosing to play that line-up by exploiting its weaknesses. The Jazz staff decided to go away from that and play smaller as Milwaukee was doing the same and it worked to Milwaukee’s favor. Utah was still big enough to attack Ersan effectively but if they would have hung with Favor as well they would have likely been more successful. On the flipside kudos to Boylan for sticking with the smaller line-up and taking advantage of the advantages afforded his team. It was a fun game to watch and the best game I have seen Ellis and Jennings play in tandem. They have won me over, for now, I know I will get upset with them again sometime soon likely but I will ride this high while I can.

The Clipper game was on far to late for me to watch and being a poor college kid I do not have the luxury of DVR. Therefore I have very little to say about it.  Looking at the stats though 1 block for the team, the Clips shooting 54% and an underwhelming bench performance seemed to doom the Bucks.

For next week the bucks have 4 games before I will blog next week. At Golden State and the Kings, home for Dallas and at DC. I expect a split but 3-1 is reasonable as well. Wins are likely over DC and Sac Town and Dallas is a toss up. It is tough to see them winning at Golden State.

Next week’s blog will be up even later as it will be a running diary of The Bucks game against Miami following a recap of those earlier games. I will do the same for the Indiana game in 2 weeks.

League wide note: Greivis Vasquez is averaging 9.4 assists per game. What?!?


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