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NBA: Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before. – Mae West

Well it was an up and down week for the Milwaukee Bucks. They started with a couple of nice road wins on the west over GSW and the Kings but followed that up with a home loss to a team they beat on the road and a road loss to a non-playoff team. Off course it follows then that the Bucks would beat the Heat tonight to end the 20 game winning streak, more on that later. Let’s get to the reviews of this past week’s games.

Bucks 103 – Warriors 93

This was a really nice win for the Bucks. I was able to see most of this late night game and I was impressed with the Bucks’ backcourt once again. 57 points on 57% shooting is darn good for a starting backcourt. That is what fans and management expected from this pair when they were put together and when they perform to that level the team largely succeeds. The backcourt and the Bucks hitting 13 3s compared to 6 for GSW was the key to victory.

Bucks 115 – Kings 113

This game was not as close as the score makes it seem. The Bucks were in control throughout despite being hampered with injuries. The Kings made a run late but there was just not enough time. It was a balanced effort for the Bucks as 6 players reached double digits and Gustavo Ayon (hereto refered to as GOOSE!) had 12 points and 7 boards. Statistically nothing stands out as a big difference vis a vis the close score but again this was a Bucks team without Sanders or Redick and LRMAM was out for a while as well but they put it together to win.


Mavericks 115 – Bucks 108

This isn’t the worst loss. Dallas is not terrible and while it is a home loss a season split with the Mavs while not ideal is also not devastating either. 4 points from Brandon Jennings is not going to get it done (see my summary of the GSW game). It was a good shooting game for the Bucks going 48-38-82 but the Mavs went 50-38-82 as well and hit 8 more free throws. Vince Carter had a very good game despite his age hitting 4 threes and going 7 for 7 from the stripe. Ellis had 32 and every other key player got what they should to win with the exception of BJ whose 4 points fall far short of expectations. He also had a -21 plus/minus, ouch.


Wizards 106 – Bucks 93

Ugh, you have got to be kidding me. Jennings came up short again with 8 points but did have 10 helpers. Dunleavy didn’t score and only 21 points off the bench with 16 coming from one guy is just not going to get it done. Starting Dunleavy was a bad idea. He just has to come off the bench. Udoh would have been a better choice with Ersan at the 3. You can’t allow a team to shoot 50-50-50 and expect to win, especially when despite the fact that they shot 50% at the line they still made more free throws than you. When Trevor Booker gets a double-double on you, you should not win. The Bucks didn’t and that is just disappointing.


Well that is the recap of the week. I promised a running diary of the Miami game and I am still planning on doing that. I am not sure when I will start watching the game however because of some other responsibilities. I will also be tweeting during the game when I do watch so follow along live at @tylerthrunewrst on twitter and then read the whole deal right here after the game. So look out for that.

Yours in basketball,



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