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NBA: 2nd half diary of Heat at Bucks 3-15-13

So I pick up the game at half time and the Bucks are down 51-42. Not too bad. But the Heat is shooting 15 points better from the field and the Bucks have yet to attempt a free throw, not good. Marquis Daniels STARTED?!?!?!? That is bad.



3Q 11:45 54-42 Miami: Great start to the half, Boylan gets a T and Bosh hits a jumper. Sweet.


3Q 9:45 57-44 Miami:  Uh, LeBron just went into the 4th row at the BMOHBC. That dude is athletic.


3Q 8:30 61-49 Miami: Chris Bosh is good at shooting mid range jumpers but your defense has to give up something right? If you want 1 of the 3 to beat you it has to be Bosh. You can stop all 3 can you?


3Q 7:07 67-53 Miami: The Thunder are a great team to play on 90’s night and Bosh is shooting at a ridiculous clip right now.


3Q 6:25 67-55 Miami: LBJ streaks down the lane on no dribbles and had what could have been one of the best plays I have seen if he could have it the dunk.


3Q 6:00 67-56 Miami: These refs quick on the trigger with these Ts much. Get a thicker skin please. I am not tuning in to watch you.


3Q 4:00 71-60 Miami: Nice 3 by BJ there. Keeping the Bucks in shouting distance but Miami looks to be just too much.


3Q 3:11 71-61 Miami: Is Daniels supposed to be an LBJ stopper or something? Why is he getting all these minutes? Also why was Redick traded for if he is not going to get good minutes? Not saying he needs to get starter time but it should be close.


3Q 2:00 78-63 Miami: Wade/James with just a fantastic transition bucket. It is hard to analyze a game where one team is so clearly just more talented than the other. Only so much the Bucks, or any team for that matter, can do against these guys.


3Q END 84-68 Miami: Bucks on pace for 90 points, not bad. They’re shooting 35-37-92 though, and that is bad, very bad. What’s worse: Heat on pace for 112 and shooting 56-45-81, really good for them but really bad for the Bucks.


4Q 10:50 84-70 Miami: LBJ the only of the big 3 in for the Heat. Bucks need to make a run now to have even a hope at staying close.


4Q 10:00 84-73 Miami: Ersan draws the foul but wasn’t even close to the and 1 because he faded away. Gotta go up strong despite the foul.


4Q 9:29 84-75 Miami: Bucks starting to make that run with only LBJ out there I was talking about. Spo calls a TO but the Bucks need to keep it going especially if Wade or Bosh does not come in.


4Q 8:49 85-79 Miami: 4-point play for Ersan. 4 point plays are pretty much always huge.


4Q 8:02 88-79 Miami: Well Battier takes the momentum right back with a big 3.


4Q 5:16 95-81 Miami: When Norris Cole gets it going you know it is game over.


4Q 2:44 99-88 Miami: Another T, this one on Sanders. Jeez.


4Q 2:44 103-88 Miami: Now 2 straight and Sanders gets tossed. Guess he wanted an early start out on the town. Seriously that is just not a smart basketball play.


4Q 2:00 105-88 Miami: Dwayne Wade is showing more athleticism tonight than I thought he was capable of. Lesson learned.


Final 107-94 Miami: The Heat were just too much tonight. Too talented to lose. Bucks are just not good enough to contend with a team like Miami. I am not sure if anyone besides OKC is good enough, maybe the Spurs. These guys are going to keep rolling for a while. The Bucks meanwhile will be around .500 and gunning for 8th seed or bust.


I will be back next week recapping the week. I may do another diary for the Pacers game but the NCAA tournament will also be going on so we will just have to see. Hopefully this was enjoyable and enlightening.


Yours in basketball,




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