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NHL: The Hawks Flight Pattern and the Net-Minding Competition in Vancouver

So the big story of the week is of course about the Chicago Blackhawks. Having lost against two unlikely competitors consecutively (The Colorado Avalanche & the Edmonton Oilers), The Chicago Blackhawks are trying to get the streak started again with their recent win against the Columbus Blue Jackets on Thursday. However, Chicago can’t be too proud of a 2-1 victory in a shootout against the 4th worst team in the league, and Columbus has to be happy with their performance against the league leaders. Chicago will need a more substantial victory to get a streak started again, but one can’t be very upset when the team is leading the league with an overall performance of a 22-02-03 record and 47 total points.  But even with this impressive year so far, Chicago hasn’t clinched any title for the 2012-2013 season. The Anaheim Ducks are only trailing the hawks by four points with a 20-03-03 record, and the Montreal Canadiens and Pittsburgh Penguins share 40 points for a close third spot in the NHL standings.  It can be safe to assume that the playoffs are in sight for all four of these teams, but the battle for the top rank is very close, and the competing birds have growing winning streaks of seven wins for the Penguins and five for the ducks. 

The Northwest and Southeast division leaders have a bit more to worry about. The Carolina Hurricanes of the Southeast lead their division with a 15-10-01 record, and the returning Winnipeg Jets only trail by one point with a 14-11-02 record. The Vancouver Canucks of the Northwest are 13-7-6 with 32 points and are being closely followed by the Minnesota Wild by only two points. The Canucks have also had one of the most difficult goaltender situations to deal with in the NHL. Despite the constant changes of goalies in Calgary, the focus of net-minders has been directly on Cory Schneider and Roberto Luongo of Vancouver. The issue…there is no official starting goalie! The two have been switching since the very beginning of the season, when Schneider was replaced with Luongo in the very first game. The two have had highs and lows; neither has seemed consistent enough for the coaching staff to receive a solidified first spot position, and both of them are top ranked goaltenders in all of the NHL. The insane amount of media focus on the two inspired a fairly comical video that was released Thursday night during the game against the Nashville Predators. To leave this story on a happy note, here’s a link to the video, which also has some bloopers near the end. 

Garrett Sewell, Assistant Sports Director


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