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MMA: Hendricks wants a title shot, and GSP quiets Diaz

UFC 158

Johnny ‘Big Rig’ Hendricks had an amazing first two rounds of UFC 158 in Canada against his opponent Carlos Condit.  Hendricks threw together so many great combos and then ended up finishing on the ground with his takedowns.  Hendricks has the third best takedown percentage in the UFC history.  It showed and he used it very effectively to control the pace for the first two rounds.  Hendricks would continue much of this dominate the first two rounds until it appeared that he broke or hurt his left hand to the point that it hurt to swing his lethal left hook.  Hendricks didn’t earn the nickname ‘Big Rig’ for no reason.  Hendricks has a deadly left hand that has helped him to get to this point and the number one contender.

Going in to the third round, Condit showed Hendricks what he can do by trying to turn the fight around and get a finish in the third round to get the win.  Condit worked Hendricks well that round by landing his jabs, and working his combos much like what Hendricks did in the first of two of the three rounds.  Condit would work a cut on to the face of Hendricks in the final round with his flurry of punches that would land on Hendricks throughout the round, but it wouldn’t be enough for Condit.

Hendricks would with the fight with a unanimous decision with all three judges scoring it 29-28.  Hendricks is now the number one contender for sure and after his fight he spoke out to  GSP saying that he wanted a fight against GSP if he were to win his fight shortly after.  It would be stated after by Dana White that Hendricks would earn the title fight and is now in the waiting stage of when it will be scheduled.

The main event of the evening was very much similar to how every GSP fight would go.  GSP worked the fight on the ground by continually taking down Diaz.  Diaz would attempt to work up over and over agains, but GSP would show his superior wrestling skills and bring him back down to the mat.  Diaz made the hype of this fight by running his mouth and making absurd accusations about GSP.  Diaz wouldn’t be able to back up his talk because GSP was the much better fighter and showed every MMA fan that he isn’t giving up his belt any time soon.

There was one round that got the fight looking like it could sway towards Diaz, but after round three, GSP went back to his normal gameplan and wouldn’t look back form then. For the final two rounds GSP wouldn’t stray away from it and would win the fight decisively with a unanimous decision from all three judges scoring it 50-45.

The most shocking thing of all after this fight was that Diaz said that he planned on retiring from MMA because he felt that he couldn’t contribute anymore to his career.  He has now fought GSP twice and lost easily in both of the fights to the champion recently.

For GSP, the future is very bright.  GSP will most likely fight Hendricks as asked and has been brought up by Dana White.  There is still the future possible super fight of GSP taking on Anderson Silva or even Jon Jones.

World of Sports

The selection show was within the past 12 hours and to say that they got it right this year would just be ridiculous.  For a team in Marquette to get a 3 seed is absolutely crazy.  They don’t have a quality road win this season, they lost to UWGB (who is a part of an awful Horizon League), and lost their first game in the Big East tourney.

The Badgers received a 5 seed in where they had 5 more ranked games then the Golden Eagles.  Wisconsin beat Indiana and Michigan twice each this season, while also beating the Buckeyes (the Big Ten Champs) earlier in the season.  That just happened to be the last time the Buckeyes lost a game this season.

Just stating that right there makes me wonder what the committee was doing when they were seeding teams.  I’m done for my rant on this as I’m sure Brandon Kinnard will have more on Selection Sunday and this week of March Madness.

Tyler Lance, Sports Director


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