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NBA: “I may be fat but I am slow” Stan Poldalak, Space Jam

No recap this week because you get a whole game’s worth of my thoughts on the Bucks v Pacers game tonight. WOOOOO! Just a quick preface after the Badgers loss earlier today I am pretty depressed so I am likely going to be pretty negative about the Bucks as well.


Bucks without Ersan and LRMAM tonight but Indiana is missing west so it might still be competitive but I doubt is because Marquis Daniels is going to paly.


1Q 7:50 9-6 MKE: Nice offense early from the bucks doing a good job getting the ball in the post. Surprising considering Hibbert is still playing.


1Q 5:16 11-11 TIE: Just noticed that Sam Dalembert and LARRY SANDERS! are both in the game at the same time, love the big man game.


1Q 3:20 15-15 TIE: Bucks continue to pound the pain with Udoh in now. Gotta love pounding the ball inside with the big men.


1Q 2:44 17-16 MKE: Just heaping on the praise here as I love the double post, double shooters and point guard line up. Playing inside out will win you a lot of ball games.


1Q 1:20 21-19 MKE: Back to back buckets by the dancing ‘bert. The more he and the other big men can play and keep Daniels out of there the better.


1Q END 23-23 TIE: Not a bad first quarter overall. Good on the offensive end but needing some improvement on the defensive end, giving up too many easy buckets.


2Q 8:41 31-31 TIE: If the Bucks can get anything going defensively they could be in control of this game. Things totally clicking on offense.


2Q 6:51 35-33 MKE: Gotta love when the ref closest to the ball just throws his hands up in the air when the ball goes out of bounds.


2Q 5:31 39-38 MKE: Easy bucket down low for Milwaukee. Defense clearly optional for both teams in this game.


2Q 5:31 39-38 MKE: Johnny Mac and John Wooden on the same signed basketball. Who would have thought? Not me, that’s for sure.


2Q 3:06 41-40 MKE: Marquis Daniels is back in NOOOOOOOOO!


2Q 1:30 43-43 TIE: He might have just drawn a goaltend Marquis Daniels should not play. He is not a good NBA player. I’d rather Joel Pryzbilla play.


2Q :23 45-43 IND: Tyler Hansbrough needs to stop playing well, I do not like him.


Half 45-43 IND: Theme of the half is that both teams are executing offensively but not defensively. Not the highest scoring affair but the offensives are efficient.

3Q 10:15 49-45 IND: the dancing ‘bert looking to add to his stat line with a tackle, no dice just foul.


3Q 7:44 57-47 IND: 12-4 run for Indiana to start the 2nd half. They have mad the adjustments defensively so far. The Bucks have not. Also John Henson into the game for the first time. Seriously play him at the 3 and sit Daniels if you have to.


3Q 5:54 59-47 IND: That leak out bucket for the Pacers might have been the first fast break basket for either team. Bucks half court O looked good in the first half but some leak outs in the 2nd half will likely be necessary for a comeback here.


3Q 2:15 67-51 IND: After picking up his 4th foul Roy Hibbert is PISSED! Maybe he just found out Georgetown is about to lose to Florida Gulf Coast.


3Q END 73-54 IND: Bucks lost that quarter 28-11, not going to get it done on any level.


4Q 9:10 80-60 IND: If I could turn this game off I would. This has just been a dreadful half for Milwaukee on both ends. That might tell you something about the coaching prowess of Vogel v Boylan.


4Q 6:49 89-65 IND: Honestly I haven’t been paying very close attention over the past quarter or so. Bucks are just getting run out of the building. Outscored 46-23 to this point in the 2nd half. Things are started to get sloppy as well.


4Q 4:22 96-72 IND: Just saw that Sanders and Dunleavy were ejected from the game. That might account for the poor 2nd half performance. Ooops.


Final 102-78 IND: The 3rd quarter basically decided this game. A 28-11 pummeling.  Bad defense, 2 key guys out, 2 more getting tossed, the guy you traded for going 1-11 and one of your “stars” only scoring 4 points is generally a losing formula and the Bucks followed it to a T tonight. It is just becoming increasingly obvious that the Bucks are destined for the 8 seed in the east.


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