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College Football: News Whiparound (3/26/2013)

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College Football News Whiparound (3/26/2013)

Greetings and Salutations, College Football Fans!  It’s time once again for a look at the latest happenings in the world  of the college gridiron. Here are some recent headlines that caught  my eye during the off season.

  1. Wisconsin   will play Alabama in 2015

My initial reaction was: “Well, the Tide will win  that one by 30”. While I still think that’s true, looking at the  bigger picture, I think this is a good move for Bucky. As UW Athletic  Director Barry Alvarez says in the linked article, “We understand  that strength of schedule will be a factor in determining which teams  earn the right to participate in the new four-team playoff system and  we want to be in that mix. There’s no better way to do that than by  playing the defending national champions”. Playing Alabama is definitely  a major test for the Badgers. I’m assuming the Tide will still be  at or near the top of the CFB landscape in two years, but you never  know, there could be a power shift in that span of time. As we’ve  discussed before, the Big Ten has apparently agreed  to stop scheduling lower-level teams in the near future. This is a big  step towards that.

Oh, and these teams have met once already: The Badgers  won 15-0 in Madison….in 1928.

  1. UW-Football   Assistants are Getting more $$ in 2013

Here’s an interesting article from the Milwaukee  Journal Sentinel about pay for UW Assistant Coaches. What caught my  eye was that new Head Coach Gary Anderson is getting paid significantly  less than former coach Bret Bielema was. Anderson will be receiving  $1.8 million, while Bielema got $2.6 million in his last year in Mad-town.  As you can see, a number of assistants under Anderson have earned raises  and almost all will be paid above $200,000 this year.

  1. An   update on conference realignment from last   week, as news broke yesterday that the Sun Belt   will be adding more teams in the near future.

If you remember in last week’s post, we broke down  all the changes for conference realignment that will happen in the 2013  season. Yesterday, we found out that the Sun Belt Conference, who is  losing FAU, FIU, Middle Tennessee & North Texas to Conference USA  while adding Georgia State, Texas State and UT-Arlington, will add current  FCS (1-AA) teams Appalachian State and Georgia Southern in 2015. Also  rumored to be joining the Sun Belt are the last two remnants of the  WAC, Idaho and New Mexico State who would join for football only membership.  No timeline for adding Idaho & NM State has been announced.

Finally, a bit of trivia for your Tuesday. Can you  name the oldest College Football Rivalry Game? (Keep reading the blog  for the answer) 

World of Sports

While my bracket certainly isn’t as bad as it was  last year, it’s still in less-than-stellar shape. I always want to  pick the upsets, but when the time comes to fill out a bracket, I purely  go with “chalk”. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20. My sweet 16 predictions  are:


(#1) Louisville over (#12) Oregon

(#3) Michigan State over (#2) Duke


(#9) Wichita State over (#13) La Salle

(#2) Ohio State over (#6) Arizona


(#1) Kansas over (#4) Michigan

(#3) Florida over (#15) FGCU (Sorry, Dunk City)


(#1) Indiana over (#4) Syracuse

(#2) Miami over (#3) Marquette

Yep…More “chalk” here. Although I think  Michigan could give Kansas a scare, same with Syracuse/Indiana and Marquette/Miami.  I should mention, my flip-a-coin bracket spectacular is as sunk as the  Titanic with my national champion St. Louis getting blasted by Oregon  last weekend.

Mandatory Stanzi

We’ve all seen the “Love it  or Leave It” video, but here’s a little more background  info on the quote from Stanzi  himself.

Trivia Answer

If you answered “Notre Dame vs. Michigan”, YOU  ARE CORRECT! The first meeting between these two schools was an 8-0  win for the Wolverines in 1887. This is a non-continuous stat, though.  The longest continuous rivalry matchup is Minnesota vs. Wisconsin, which  began play in 1890.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Spencer Wagen, WRST-FM Station Manager and Sports  Broadcaster


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