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Baseball fans, the day you’ve been waiting for is coming.


That’s right, ladies and gents. Opening Day is on  Sunday with new AL West rivals Houston and Texas squaring off at Minute  Maid Park. The first game for most teams is on Monday.

The Brewers will start the season in the friendly  confines of Miller Park against the Colorado Rockies. Yovani Gallardo  is scheduled to be the Brewer’s Opening Day starter. He will be facing  the Rockies’ 4th-year righthander Jhoulys Chacin.

At the start of any sports season, there are  many predictions of how the teams will finish. So, without further ado,  let me present my predictions for the 2013 MLB regular season.

The NL East has seen a shift over the last few  years. What was once the Braves’ division has been ruled by Washington  for the last couple years.

  1. Washington (Best Record)

  1. Atlanta

  1. Miami

  1. Philadelphia

  1. New York

The NL Central: This division has four teams  that can beat each other up over the course of a season. The pitching  staff is what wins this division.

    1. St. Louis (2nd Best Record)

    1. Cincinnati (WC)

    1. Milwaukee

    1. Pittsburgh

    1. Chicago

MLB champion San Francisco came out of the NL  West last season, and there’s no reason to count them out for this  year’s championship as well

  1. San Francisco (3rd Best Record)

  1. Los Angeles (WC)

  1. Arizona

  1. San Diego

  1. Colorado

Time for the AL. In the AL East, there always  seems to be a different team that emerges as the favorite every year.  This time it’s the Blue Jays. I just don’t see it, so I’m sticking  to my guns on this one.

  1. Baltimore (3rd Best Record)

  1. Tampa Bay (WC)

  1. New York

  1. Toronto

  1. Boston

AL Central: As I hinted in one of my previous  posts, this would be the division to watch because almost every team  came out on fire in spring training. This division seems to produce  a different champion every couple years. There are no dominant teams  here. 

  1. Detroit (2nd Best Record)

  1. Chicago

  1. Kansas City

  1. Cleveland

  1. Minnesota

Finally, the AL West. The big storyline in this  division is how the Astros will perform against teams like the Angels  and Rangers all year. My guess is about the same as against the Cardinals,  Reds, and Brewers.

  1. Los Angeles (Best Record)

  1. Texas (WC)

  1. Oakland

  1. Seattle

  1. Houston

Here’s just something a little extra to get  everyone loose and ready. You can’t go through a baseball game anymore  without hearing this at least once.


World of Sports

The big game tonight will be the Heat taking  on Chicago to potentially push their winning streak to 28. If they win  tonight, they still have a rough road ahead in the next few games, which  include games against the Spurs and the Knicks in the next week. If  they’re going to lose one, this could be the stretch where they do.

Until next week, enjoy Opening Day, everyone.

Trevor Uitenbroek

Assistant Sports Director


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