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NBA: “You are maddeningly inconsistant” Klaus from HIMYM

No Bucks game to give my running diary of thoughts on, as incoherent as they might have been. So I will recap the week that was, look forward to the week ahead, and take a look at Miami’s streak and some draft prospects.


Atlanta 104 Milwaukee 99


This was the 3rd meeting of the season for these teams, the 2nd in 4 days and the 2nd of the 3 crucial meetings over the final 16 games of the season and for the 3rd time on the season the Bucks lost to the Hawks. Injuries have played a big role in the Bucks struggles in the past few games. The fact that Marquis Daniels has been starting just gives me chills and gives the Bucks very little chance to win. Jennings did go for 12 points and 13 assists but was 4-15 from the field and 1-5 from beyond the arc. Over the course of the course of this past week I have grown increasingly impatient with Jennings but more on that later. The Bucks owned the boards 50-37 and had 19 offensive boards but that is likely in part because they shot under 25% from 3 while ATL went 50-38-76, the Bucks also shot just 55% at the line. When Jennings and Redick combine for a 31-18-50 line, MKE will not win many games. Jennings missed a ton of shots right at the rim as well, which is always a problem.


Philly 100 MKE 92


Ugh, this game was just awful. It didn’t seem like either team cared. The Bucks scored 14 points on only 17 shots in the entire 4th quarter while Philly got 24 points on 20 shots. Jennings had ZERO POINTS. He only took 3 shots. That just can’t happen. He only played 17 minutes and had a plus/minus of –25, in only 17 minutes. This game just made it abundantly clear to me that Jennings, while clutch, needs to be gone at the end of the year. Just let him go. I am not suggesting the Bucks build around Ellis but if Ellis stays next year just make him the centerpiece of that team. If he leaves then just go into full on rebuild mode because this is just no good. It was the 2nd consecutive game the Bucks shot 25% or below from 3, and this team has JJ Redick. So horribly disappointing, but not entirely surprising.


MKE 113 LAL 103


Yeah this totally makes sense. Both teams got solid nights from their starters but the Bucks bench had a much better impact than the Lakers. Kobe had 30 points, 18 of which came at the line. That doesn’t seem fishy at all. Anyway the Bucks finally got over 25% from 3 while LA shot right at that mark. To that end JJ Redick, Milwaukee’s big trade piece, has shot under 30% from 3 in the month of March, that is bad for most guys and pretty awful for a player labeled as a shooter. Both teams had a good night at the line. If you take away the centers, Howard and Sanders, the teams would have shot a combined 38-41, not a bad day at the office. The centers meanwhile were 8-20, not so good. LARRY SANDERS had his career high in scoring at 21 and grabbed 13 boards. I am surprised to a certain extent that it took Larry this long to pass 20 points, hopefully this becomes a more regular occurrence.


Looking forward: OKC, CHAR, MN @NYK


At best 2-2 but 1-3 is highly likely as well. I will look to do a write-up for the Knicks game.

Around the league:


I was sad to see Miami’s streak end. I love LBJ and was hoping for some history but that team has proven to be fairly unstoppable on that streak and should roll to the finals.


Also watching the NCAA tournament 3 guys have stood out to me as top picks: Dieng, McLemore and Burke. Depending on the needs of the team at the number 1 spot anyone of those guys could be a good pick. Dieng is just so well rounded already and has so much room to grow. McLemore can shoot the rock and is a freak athlete and Burke can run a team and has some serious shot making ability. Other guys to look for are DeShaun Thomas who is as pure a scorer as there is and Jeff Withey who I think is comparable to Asik of the Rockets.


World of Sports:


I have forgotten about this section over the past few weeks, sorry gang. Anyway my Badgers hockey team lost today in the first round of the NCAA tournament but after the start they had I am very satisfied with a WCHA tournament title and the Broadmoor trophy. It will be a whole new world next year with B1G hockey but I think it is a change for the better.


This NCAA basketball tournament has been very enjoyable. The B1G has been impressive even with the IU loss yesterday and I am very pleasantly surprised with Marquette’s run to the regional final. Best of luck to the Golden Eagles against Syracuse tomorrow, I love me some Davante Gardner.


Baseball is right around the corner and while I eagerly anticipate seeing the UWO Titans for the first time the Brewers are looking to get their season started on the right foot and made some curious moves signing Kyle Loshe and Yuni B. I could not be more aghast at the Yuni B signing and more confused with the Loshe signing. I thought Gallardo-Estrada-Peralta-Narveson-Fiers was a deep if unspectacular rotation and now Narvy needs to move the bullpen to make room for Lohse. It probably will make the Brewers better but I don’t know if it is worth the $33 million investment. I will be the first to admit that I am not the biggest baseball guy but I am excited for spring in Wisconsin.


Yours in Basketball,


Tyler Thrune


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