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College Football: News Whiparound (4/2/2013)

Heidely Ho, Neighborinos! It’s another week here at WRST Sports, and since today is a Tuesday, apparently that means I’m supposed to write this newfangled thing called a “blog” on this topic called “College Football”. Who knows what the heck that is? I mean, I’m studying to be an astrophysicist and a brain surgeon so…

Ok, that’s clearly made up. I apologize profusely for my awful humor. In all seriousness, though, let’s do another edition of the News Whiparound that we began last week. Some interesting topics came across the CFB wire this week, so let’s spin the wheel and see what’s cookin’!


  1. Bret Bielema comments on his Big Ten coaching record vs. Nick Saban’s

I’ll level with you, folks, I think this is a non-story. However, since the former Badgers coach is the topic of discussion, I’ll run with it for a bit. Basically, Bielema spoke to the Saline County Razorback Club about his goals for Arkansas Football this coming year. In his talk, he discussed Alabama and how he didn’t come just to play Alabama, but to beat them. Where he made waves was his discussion of current ‘Bama and former Michigan State coach Nick Saban. Bielema argued “You can take Saban’s record when he was at Michigan State and when he was a coach in the Big Ten and put it against mine, and he can’t compare.”

As the article that’s linked points out, Bielema is right…sort of. Saban coached in East Lansing when Michigan, Penn State, Ohio State were REALLY good, Northwestern and Purdue were winning conference titles and who can forget Wisconsin and their Rose Bowl trips? That’s certainly a rough time to be trying to dig out from a program decline as Michigan State was. On the other hand, Bielema coached in a different era where Penn State was extremely up and down, Michigan thought Rich Rod was the coach of the future (which he wasn’t) and Ohio State had been good, but recently taken down because of sanctions.

As always, these things can be taken out of context. A tweet from Bielema himself posted yesterday said that the quotes on Alabama were a “joke to a question from a fan at a pep rally”, so there.

  1. Penn State Commit Zayd Issah arrested for attempting to pass Counterfeit Money

From the “You probably shouldn’t be doing this” files comes the story of Penn State commit Zayd Issah, who was arrested last month for trying to purchase food with counterfeit money. According to pennlive.com, Issah tried to pass the money at a local McDonalds Restaurant on March 9th. From Facebook messages between Issah and an accomplice, the police learned that despite knowing the cash was fake, Issah still used it to purchase himself and two others food!. Issah was charged on March 10th with two felony counts of forgery and conspiracy to forgery, along with four misdemeanor charges of theft by deception.

Issah, who was a three-star recruit according to Rivals.com, reportedly had his scholarship taken away by Penn State. (Smart move, IMO).


This blog has certainly become a champion of conference realignment wheelings and dealings in its short existence, so what would be a week without some of that talk? Here’s the latest:

As announced yesterday, Western Kentucky will be moving from the Sun Belt to Conference USA in 2014.  WKU, who hired Bobby Petrino as its head coach this offseason, makes the jump from the only FBS Conference it’s known in its brief time at the big boy level. The Hilltoppers will become CUSA’s 14th member when it joins the league, which is already taking on four former Sun Belt members in FAU, FIU, North Texas and Mid-Tenn next year.

Exhausted yet? Well, hold onto your butts, because the team WKU will replace in CUSA is Tulsa, who is leaving for the soon-to-be-renamed Big East in 2014. Tulsa will be the 7th member from the current CUSA to join the soon-to-be-renamed Big East, joining UCF, East Carolina, Houston, Memphis, SMU and Tulane. The interesting stat in all of this is (or as the Dan Patrick Show puts it, THE STAT OF THE DAY), that the remaining “original” Big East members (Cincy, Louisville and USF) all left CUSA for the Big East in 2005….Chew on that.

This whole Big East switcheroo extravaganza was summed up nicely by @celebrityhottub on Twitter, with this tweet on Sunday night.

World of Sports

Well, the Final Four is coming this weekend and its almost time to say goodbye to the College Hoops season. When it comes to the final four for me, it boils down to what I WANT to see and what I think we’ll ACTUALLY see.

What I think we’ll to see is Michigan vs. Louisville. I think that would be a heckuva game, as both teams are playing ridiculously well. Louisville can speed the game up and Trey Burke is, well, Trey Burke. Did you see that shot against Kansas? Michigan has a lot of tools to make it a great game vs. Syracuse.

What I want to see is Wichita State vs. Michigan/Syracuse. Yeah, I know, cliché “cheer for the underdogs”, right? Well, in reality, Wichita’s play has impressed me. They’ve taken out a Big East school, plus 1-seed Gonzaga, a very good La Salle team, plus the Big Ten Tournament champion Ohio State. Carl Hall, Malcom Armstead and Ron Baker (among others) are having a fantastic tourney stretch and Head Coach Gregg Marshall is a hot name in the coaching ranks right now. I’m a fan of the Missouri Valley, too, since I follow Northern Iowa and Drake regularly thanks to my Pro-anything but Iowa State mantra.


Mandatory Stanzi

I remember being in Oshkosh and watching this game. It was my senior year of High School, visiting campus and my girlfriend and witnessing this, wow. (Sorry for no audio…weird).


Thanks for Reading and Have a great Week!

Spencer Wagen, Station Manager


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