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“If the Bucks were merely awful at lay-ups, they’d be a good team.” – Ian Segovia

This was a really depressing week for the Bucks. It was basically the gut punch that put them solidly in the 8th seed and still likely under .500 on the season. At this point I would be fine with that 8 seed as long as they somehow manage to end with a winning record but that would require them to go 5-3 over their final 8 games. Logic dictates that they would to the inverse and go 3-5 and finish under .500 and get destroyed by Miami in round one, all of which just sounds like a gigantic waste of time.


I am going to eschew the game breakdowns this week and I am not going to diary my thoughts on tonight’s game because that would just be depressing. Instead I am going to offer some insight on some trends for the Bucks of late and link you to a few other helpful resources.


So the high point of the Bucks season was when they were 5 games above .500 at 24-19 and coming off a win against the Pistons. Since then the bucks have gone 12-19, which doesn’t seem awful but looks a whole lot worse when you factor in that following that point the Bucks won 2 of their next 11 games. They then bounced back and renewed some hopes winning 6 of their next 7, 4 of which were against potential West playoff teams. Since their 115-113 win in Sacramento the Bucks plummeted once again winning only 4 of the next 13. So over the past 31 games the Bucks recorded winning percentages of .182, .857 and .308. Clearly this is not what you are looking for as a Bucks fan.


 The boys from The Basketball Jones debated today who was more valuable as a free agent coming up, Ellis or Jennings and decidedly came down in the Jennings camp. I could not disagree more and they might want to read this and rethink their position. The way I see it Jennings has to go.


Also here are some thoughts from Ian Segovia, former WRST personality, on some Bucks stuff so enjoy.


I can’t wait to write about playoff matchups. 15 more days.


Yours in basketball,


Tyler Thrune


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