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College Football: News Whiparound (4/9/2013)

Greetings and salutations, fellow College Football fans! It’s a Tuesday, and that means it’s time for another edition of our weekly dose of the latest news from the collegiate gridiron. This week, let’s take another look at some burning headlines in our News Whiparound.

  1. Seven-year-old Jack Hoffman’s TD in Nebraska’s Spring Game


In a classy gesture by the University of Nebraska, seven-year-old cancer patient and Huskers fan Jack Hoffman was allowed to suit up for Nebraska’s annual Spring Game on Saturday. If you haven’t seen the video yet, here it is


Jack is battling pediatric brain cancer and the NU Football team had adopted him for the season. On a fourth down play (as seen in the video), Jack was given the ball and rushed 69 yards for a touchdown. He also appeared in the box score sent out following the game as the leading rusher for the “Red Team”. Kudos to you, Nebraska.

  1. Badgers Defensive End David Gilbert to leave the team

Wisconsin will be transitioning to a 3-4 defensive scheme under new Head Coach Gary Andersen and will have to do so without what would’ve been a key part to their defense. This is because Defensive End turned Linebacker David Gilbert is leaving the program after repeated problems with his right foot. Gilbert was second on last season’s team with four sacks and would’ve been a key pass rusher on this year’s team.

  1. Iowa’s pink visitors’ locker room is under fire once again

Yes, you read that right. The Iowa Hawkeyes have a pink locker room for visitors to Kinnick Stadium. It was instituted in the 1980s under former coach Hayden Fry as a way to create a “calming effect” and put opponents in a “passive mood”. Well, in today’s society, where equality and anti-discrimination has taken a center stage, the pink locker room has caused controversy. Two attorneys at last Wednesday’s Iowa Governor’s Conference on LGBTQ Youth told those in attendance that the University of Iowa could face legal challenges because of this. One argues that the university is taking part in a growing trend of “pink shaming” and “cognitive bias” to try and demoralize opponents. The belief is that pink everything in the locker room is a taunt against the opponent, calling them girls, pansies, sissies, etc.

The lawyers said that the university, which is covered by Title 9 and Title 7 rules, could face a lawsuit if the pink locker room is kept intact. Those rules prohibit discrimination based on gender.

As an Iowa fan, I won’t say much about this issue because I don’t want potential biases to leak into my reporting. I think these arguments are valid in our society, but at the same time, nothing has been done and little complaining has been made about the locker room in the last 30+ years. Until someone does or the U of I feels the heat, it will most likely remain a moot point.


A post on the Georgia Tech message board stingtalk.com got College Football fans up in a roar Monday afternoon. Why? Well, an April fool’s joke featuring a fake news release from Russell Athletic was discovered by national writers. In the “post”, the supposed “new uniforms” for Georgia Tech football were unveiled with the post titled “#YOLOJACKETS”. Ugh…

The post ends with the line: “This is the Home Of SWAG. This is Georgia Tech.”

Thankfully, this is totally fake. (Could you imagine, though?)

World of Sports

Well, College Basketball season is now over after Louisville captured the National Championship last night with an 82-76 victory over Michigan. Trey Burke had 24 for Michigan in the loss, but the real story was bench players. Wow. How about Luke Hancock from Louisville? The junior tallied 22 points and was five of five from beyond the arc. Spike Albrecht can’t be forgotten, either. The freshman notched 17 points and was four of five from downtown for the Wolverines.

In case you missed it, here’s One Shining Moment from last night.

Did you catch the handshake footage of Tubby Smith and Ben Howland at the point the song says “Time is short”? Pure gold.

Mandatory Stanzi is taking some time off, so that wraps it up for the week. Thanks for reading and have a good week!

Spencer Wagen, WRST-FM Station Manager and Sports Broadcaster. 


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