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MMA: Pound for Pound Power Rankings

This has been a dull weekend for mixed martial arts fight cards or even news for the longest time.  Usually there is a huge number one contender fight or you are really lucky and have a title fight that could possibly be the best fight of the year, but there was possibly the weakest fight card in UFC on Fuel 9.  If you are one of those people that only watches fights that have big name fighters in them, this was possibly the worst fight for you to watch granted it was on Fuel TV (assuming only a third of america has the channel).

Instead of looking back at the fight card and analyzing how good or bad the fight was, or what each fighter did wrong, I’m going to run through the top 5 pound for pound fighters in the world.  For most MMA fans, this is pretty obvious and you can go to ESPN if you are lazy to really think who goes where.

anderson silva belt press conference

1. Anderson Silva, Middleweight (33-4)

Anderson Silva is easily hand down the best fighter in the world and this is probably the easiest fighter to rank in the top five without having a debate on who goes where and why.  In the last two years there has been one real hard fight for Silva.  That was against Chael Sonnen.  No, not Sonnen v. Silva 2, but the controversial first fight between the two of them where Sonnen was choked out by Silva.  That fight was back in August of 2010.  That says a lot of the tough road Silva has had, but he makes it so easy not going past round two since that almost five round bout against Sonnen.

Next Up v. Silva: Chris Weidman (9-0-0)

2. George St-Pierre, Welterweight (24-2-0)

GSP is by far the most questionable fighter in the top five, but looking at the rest of the fighters that will be chosen for the top five, he has been the most consistent and dominant only second to Silva.  GSP may be one of the lamest and boring fighters that there are that is as dominant as he is, but somehow every single fight he finds a way to slow it down to his tempo and take the fight to the ground.  GSP is by far the most well-rounded fighter in my opinion out of the top five, but he isn’t the best of the five.

Next Up v. GSP: TBA

3. Jon Jones, Light Heavyweight (17-1-0)

Jon ‘Bones’ Jones is the youngest and has most prominent future of the top five as his only loss in his career came to Matt Hamill when he got disqualified for an elbow that he threw while Hamill was on the ground.  Jones has successfully defended his title for 5 straight fights and much like the top two fighters, he has dominant all around fighting.  There really isn’t much to say about Jones next fight as he will more then likely knock out Sonnen because of his length.

Next Up v. Jones: Chael Sonnen (27-12-1)

4. Jose Aldo, Featherweight (22-1-0)

Jose Aldo continues the broken record of what I’ve been talking about throughout this whole top five.  The one area that Aldo may have over any of the top three fighters is that he always has an obscure move that he pulls out for every fight.  Aldo and Jones are the lone fighters in the top five to only have one loss and I don’t think any of us fans could remember the last time they have lost without looking it up online.  Aldo has dominated all of his competition dating back to his WEC days and his continued that trend now going forward in the new improved UFC.   Aldo is facing a real similar fighter next that could give him some real competition.

Next Up v. Aldo: Anthony Pettis (14-2-0)

5. Benson Henderson, Lightweight (18-2-0)

Benson Henderson, former WEC Lightweight champ, now UFC Lightweight champ has been on a terror ever since joining the UFC after the WEC was bought out by them.  Since the merger and the loss to Anthony Pettis, who had the best kick ever off of the octagon fence, Henderson has not lost a fight and defending his newly found title three times.  Henderson has tree stumps for legs which makes him so powerful in his kicks, but also defending shots.  Henderson is still closing in on being a great fighter in the UFC, but he has established him self as a dominant lightweight for the future as he is only 29 years old.  May sound old, but fighters seem to stick around for a while when they are as good as Henderson or anyone in the top five are.

Next Up v. Henderson: Gilbert Melendez (21-2-0)

World of Sports

I’m gonna keep this weeks edition of ‘World of Sports’ short for me as this has been one of the craziest weeks of the year, especially with the weather that has hit Wisconsin.  The focus of this has to be how this crazy the weather has effected baseball all the way from D3 baseball to the MLB.  Oshkosh has only played 3 conference games this year and the weather is threatening to postpone even more games this weekend.  I would hate to have to wait all this time and be forced to practice inside not being able to experience real game experience.  This Titans team is so young that they need all the game time they can possibly get.  For the MLB, the Brewers series finale against the Cubs was just postponed due to this horrendous weather.  The Brewers game has been postponed, but still have yet to hear any word about the games for the Titans in when they will be replayed or if.  There is nothing to worry about though because we are now in baseball season with never ending games to watch, listen to, or analyze.  I LOVE THIS!

Tyler Lance, Sports Director


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