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NBA: “All right everyone, line up alphabetically according to your height.” – Casey Stengel

I don’t want to write about the Bucks this week. It is just depressing. I would do an in-game diary but of course the game is on FSW alternate, which doesn’t come in where I am currently writing this so that is not an option either. Next week I will be breaking down all the playoff match-ups and while I love to break down match-ups I don’t like breaking down scenarios of where teams might end up in the play-offs. I will say that I want the Hawks to get the 5 seed in the East and OKC get the 1 in the west, aside from that I’ll wait. So for this week I am going to look forward to the NBA draft and break down some guys and look at how they might fair in the NBA.

I will say this first, I believe that very few players should have declared early this year. One player stood out to me to the point that he could make an impact in the NBA. I understand the sentiment that to be the best you should play with the best but if more of the best players stayed in college then there still could be marked improvement before these guys start their pro careers.

Ben McLemore: He was the best player I saw this year.

  • Fantastic athlete and good scorer
  •  Criticized for not taking over enough when needed
  • This guy is my number one pick
  • JR Smith is my best comparison

Deshaun Thomas:

  • Great scorer, can do it in so many ways
  • Disappeared at times but I more blame his PG for that
  • Somewhat between positions
  • Poor man’s Carmelo

Victor Oladipo

  • Versatile and athletic
  • Solid on D
  • Much improved shooter
  • Seems like something is missing but I can’t put my finger on it
  • Best comparison is OJ Mayo

Cody Zeller

  • Good footwork
  • Runs the floor
  • Soft
  • Low BBall IQ
  • Lack of jumper
  • Really could have used another year
  • Your next Tyler Hansbrough, David Lee at best

Gorgui Dieng

  • Great Defense
  • Shot changer
  • Good moves in post
  • Raw but improving quickly
  • Next Serge Ibaka

Russ Smith

  • Good scorer from the guard spot
  • Quick
  • Streaky and turnover prone
  • Going old school on comparison, Steve Francis

Trey Burke

  • Quick first step
  • Streaky shooter
  • Deep 3 ball
  • Sticky on d
  • Sure with the ball
  • Lillard comparison is too easy look also at Ty Lawson

A lot of Big Ten guys I know but those are the guys I have seen the most of so sue me. Anyway that is what I have if you want me to look at another player let me know in the comments and I will see what I can do.

World of Sports:

Zach Greinke recently got injured in a on field brawl. I for one have had enough of fighting in sports that aren’t called fighting. Not because of any moral reason or because it teaches kids bad things or sportsmanship but economically. One of baseball’s best pitchers won’t be pitching now because of a fight. If it happens in the context of the game it is too bad but understandable. When it happens in a context as out of bounds as fighting is just absurd. No where else in the world is reacting in such a fashion deemed acceptable and the field of play should be no different. I think it is also noteworthy that in the MLB and NHL fighting is OK but in the NFL and especially the NBA it is very much frowned upon. I think t fighting in all these leagues must be put to an end. But hey maybe its just me.

Yours in basketball,



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