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MLB: Brewers Continue Dominance

For this week’s edition of the WRST MLB blog, I’m trying something a little different. After seeing NBA contributor Tyler Thrune’s in-game diaries for the Bucks, I thought I’d try that for a Brewers game. I decided to break down the second game of the Padres series. The Padres come in with a record of 5-14. The Brewers come in at 10-8 and winners of 8 in a row. 62 degrees in San Diego at first pitch.

Brewers 1st
Clayton Richard starts for the Padres, and he gets Aoki to ground out the the second baseman for the first out in the top of the first. Jean Segura drives one to right center and uses his speed to leg out a triple. After working the pitch count, Braun grounds out to short, but that drives in Segura. Brewers lead 1-0. Jonathon Lucroy bounces one right back to the mound, and the top of the first ends with the Brewers up 1-0.
Padres 1st
Yovani Gallardo starts for the Brewers, coming off his first victory of 2013. The bottom of the first starts the way the top ended. Gallardo gets Cabrera to ground right back to him for the first out. The Padres then get a single to short right from Will Venable, who promptly steals second. Gallardo then loses ball four to Chase Headley and he is in a tight spot early with Carlos Quinton up next. Quinton drives one that bounces off third and into left field, plating the tying run. Another RBI single follows by Yonder Alonso. 2-1 Padres with runners at the corners and only one out. The Brewers control the damage, though, as a line drive down the first base line turns into an inning ending double play. Padres lead 2-1  at the end of 1.
Brewers 2nd
Rickie Weeks leads off for Milwaukee in the second and he draws a walk. Gomez drops a fly ball into the right field corner for a double. Yuniesky Betancourt then keeps it going with a 2 RBI single to give the Brewers a 3-2 lead. Gonzalez follows with another single. If you’re following so far in this inning, that’s two Brewers runs, two on, and no outs. Clayton Richard finally catches a break as he gets Gallardo to drop a bunt into foul territory for a strikeout. Aoki follows that up with another bunt down the left side, but he beats this one out, so bases loaded, one out, and Jean Segura at the plate. Segura grounds one through the infield for the sacrifice and the RBI. With first base open, Richard walks Braun to again load the bases. I should point out here that Weber is warming in the Padres bullpen. The next batter, Lucroy, will be the ninth batter of the inning and he his a blooper to left, scoring two.That makes the score 6-2 Brewers. That was more than enough for Padres manager Bud Black as he pulls Richard after 1 1/3. Weber comes in from the bullpen. Weeks hits a fly ball to Venable in center to end the marathon inning. 6-2 Brewers as they score five in this inning.
Padres 2nd
Jedd Gyorko, the Padres second baseman, grounds to Betancourt for the easy out. Nick Hundley gets the first hit of the inning with a double. Gallardo then gets the best of his Padres counterpart Weber, as Weber grounds to Betancourt for the second out. Betancourt’s been busy this inning. The Padres break through on the next batter as Venable drives out an RBI single. That fire was quickly burned out, though, as Headley grounds out to Weeks to end the inning.  Brewers 6, Padres 3.
Brewers 3rd
Carlos Gomez hits one to Gyorko at second, who almost makes a great throw to get him, but it was overthrown and Gomez reaches safely. The pickoff attempt by Weber is late. The second time, Gomez is able to take off and steal second. Betancourt grounds to Headley at third, and Headley throws him out. Gomez holds up at second. Gomez had a bit too big of a lead and almost gets picked off at second. Alex Gonzalez hits a grounder to move Gomez over to third with Gallardo coming up. Gallardo strikes out to strand the runner on third. The score remains 6-3 Brewers.
Padres 3rd
Carlos Quinton starts out the Padres third by flying out to Gomez in center. Yonder Alonso then has a base hit taken away as Rickie Weeks displays his glove work for the out. Chris Denorfia then finishes the 1-2-3 inning with the lineout to Gomez.
Brewers 4th
Weber strikes out Nori Aoki to start the inning. He chases down a soft roller down the first base line to put out Segura. Braun hits a broken bat ground ball to second as he becomes the final out of the inning. Weber is starting to get comfortable out there as he has retired six of the last seven.
Padres 4th
Gomez can’t get to a Jedd Gyorko fly ball in center as Gyorko starts the inning with a single. In what has become a theme in this game, Gallardo is in another jam as Hindley hits a single to left, prompting a meeting at the mound. It must have done some good, because he induces a ground ball and who should be there for the play but Yuni B. he gets the lead runner for the first out. Not to be outdone, Segura snags a Cabrera line drive and steps on second for the inning-ending double play.
Brewers 5th
Weber continues rolling as he strikes out Lucroy for the first out. Weeks works up the pitch count before falling victim to the same fate. Gomez breaks through against Weber and draws a walk. However, when he took off for second, this time the Padres were ready for him, and pegged him out at second to end the inning.
Padres 5th
Venable grounds to Weeks for the first out. As Headley takes the first pitch of his at-bat, Ron Roenicke comes out to complain and he gets tossed. It was his first ejection of the season. As the teams get back to the game, Headley grounds out to Weeks. Gallardo then finishes off the quick inning he needed by getting Quentin to fly out to right. How the Brewers respond in subsequent innings will be a big factor in the outcome  of this game as Roenicke watches the rest of the game from the clubhouse.
Brewers 6th
Betancourt gets Venable to back up to the warning track for the first out. Alex Gonzalez hits the second out right to Carlos Quentin. With Gallardo coming up, you might be quick to give the Brewers their third out, but Gallardo gets a hold of one and ends up at second base. Aoki works Weber to a full count before hitting a ground ball back to the mound to end the Brewers’ chances in the 6th.
Padres 6th
It took a while, but Gallardo finally gets his first strikeout of the game as he shuts down Yonder Alonso. Chris Denorfia gets things going for the Padres with a single. Gyorko then flies one out to Nori Aoki, who barely has to move to make the second out. There is action in the Brewers bullpen, and I’ve been wondering how long Gallardo will stay in the game. Gallardo finishes the inning strong with a strikeout of Nick Hundley.
Brewers 7th
Brad Brach is in to pitch for the Padres after the stellar performance by Weber. Segura, as has been the theme tonight, hits a slow roller toward short and beats the throw to first. Braun then hits a grounder to Alonso at first for the first out as Segura advances to second. Alonso then has to wait for about ten seconds for Lucroy’s pop fly to come down for the second out. Brach gets out of the inning by striking out Weeks. It’s time to stretch, and the Brewers continue to lead 6-3.
Padres 7th
Segura opens up the 7th with another big play with his arm, throwing out Alexi Amarista. Bud Black sends in a pinch hitter for Brach, so he is done for the night. everth Cabrera grounds out to Weeks for the second out. Gallardo works himself into another full count before walking Venable, There is increased action in the Brewers bullpen. Gallardo issues his second consecutive walk, and he appears like he is running on empty here in the 7th. I would like to see him try to finish the inning, but he will have to work himself out of another jam. After a meeting on the mound, he is allowed to continue. I credit Lucroy for sticking with some of the bad pitches that Gallardo has had in this inning. Gallardo will be done after yet another walk.  He finishes with 108 pitches. Tom Gorzelanny comes in to stop the bleeding and finish the 7th. He gets right to work by getting Yonder Alonso for an inning-ending strikeout.
Brewers 8th
The new pitcher for San Diego is Dale Thayer. Gomez starts off the inning by losing the bat. He is eventually called out on strikes. Betancourt continues to put on a show tonight as he singles to left. Gonzalez popped out to second for the second out.Luke Schafer pinch hit for Tom Gorzelanny and flies out to center for the final out.
Padres 8th
The Ax-man comes in to pitch the 8th. Segura continues to put on a clinic at short as he stretches out to nab the bouncing ball and make the play for the first out. A fly ball from Gyorko to Gomez in center results in out number two, The Ax-man strikes out Hundley to finish off the 8th.
Brewers 9th
A rare sight for baseball fans as Huston Street comes out  to the mound for the Padres in the 9th. Aoki hits another roller down the first base line for the first out. We’ve seen a lot of those tonight. Segura continues to rolls as he floats one into shallow right center for a single. Braun flies out to center, and Segura stays at first. The speed for the Brewers continues to show this inning as Segura steals second. Lucroy draws a walk and that brings Weeks back to the plate. During Weeks’ at bat, Lucroy tries to take off and gets caught for the third out of the inning.
Padres 9th
Jim Henderson is on the mound for the Brewers, trying to avoid getting to the heart of the Padres’ order. After a long battle with Kotsay, Henderson goes upstairs to get the strikeout. Cabrera also gives Henderson a battle, fouling off one pitch after another, before a fly ball to Gomez in center means the Padres are down to their final out with Will Venable trying to keep the Padres’ chances alive. After yet another full count by Henderson, Venable draws a walk. He steals second with no contest. Henderson finishes it off with a fastball right down the middle for the final strikeout of Chase Headley.
Even though there was plenty of action throughout, this game was essentially over by the end of the second. All nine runs were scored in the first two innings. Jean Segura and Yuniesky Betancourt had great games both with the bat and glove. Gallardo worked out of a lot of jams throughout the game, but he almost made it through a full seven innings. The only reason he didn’t is because of those three consecutive walks. The Brewers continue their hot streak by winning their ninth straight and they are now only a half game back of St. Louis for the division lead after the 2-8 start.
World of Sports
I thought about doing a segment on the NFL draft, but I realized this has gotten too long already. Being my first attempt at an in-game diary, I had to just play this by ear. Like I mentioned at the beginning, I tried to do with a Brewers game what Tyler Thrune, our NBA correspondent, has done with the Bucks’ games. So, I’ll just leave it here for this week. Until next time, everyone.
Trevor Uitenbroek, Assistant Sports Director

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