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NBA: “It’s too late to apologize” One Republic

Sorry for the delay folks. I am attending a wedding this weekend. And in all the busyness of eating and greeting I forgot all about blogging. Better later than never though. Lets take a look around the first round of the playoffs so far.

Miami 3 – Milwaukee 0

As expected the Bucks have been completely over matched both physically and mentally. The complete lack of a small forward presence offensively has destroyed the Bucks. A team really has no hope in a series when their best player might be the 4th best player on the floor at anytime. The mismatch is compounded When the team with less skill also plays with less brains. Taking bad shots and falling asleep on D. After their season ends Sunday the Bucks need to hit the reset button in the off season, new coaching staff and as many new young players as possible. 

OKC 2- HOU 0

This playoffs got a whole lot less predictable since Westbrook went out. OKC is still a strong contender having the 2nd best player in the league and how deep OKC makes it can have a major impact on Durant’s long term legacy. They should still get past Houston but the next round will be tough.


New York is well balanced and playing well with the best scorer and 3rd best player in the league in Melo. Boston meanwhile is old and will likely be headed for rebuilding mode around Rondo before being a contender again.


The Lakers guards are Duhon, Morris and Goudelach. They are going nowhere fast and are at a major crossroads at this time. San Atonio may now be the favorites in the west after the Westbrook injury. They have a great system and if they stay healthy they could get themselves back to the finals.


The Pacers have played better than expected on offense and have lived up to expectations on defense. That being said no games have been played in Atlanta yet and we will see what kind of fight the Hawks put up tonight.


This series has been a major surprise to me. Denver only lost 3 games at home this season and was really close to losing two if nit for a great game from Andre Miller. GSW might just be too young to feel the pressure at this point. I would love to see the next game go to Denver so we can get 7 games of entertaining basketball,


Game one made me nervous for my pick for this series but games 2 and 3 reassured me of the dominance of this Bulls D. My main takeaway is just wondering if this team could have beat Miami if they kept the bench mob and had a healthy Rose. Despite that this team is still really good. Kind of scary.


Memphis needs to get the win at home because just like the Denver v GSW this series needs to go 7. The grind house needs to kick things up and beat out the Clips flash. Mike Connley needs to step up for the Grizz. With the Westbrook injury both these teams are now true contenders

World of sports

Good to see some big time NCAA guys stay in college. It will make both levels of the game better.

Yours in basketball,

Tyler Thrune


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