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NBA: Back in its Prime?


As the 2013 season gets underway, everyone has to take notice of all the major storylines this year. First, what better way to kick off the NBA season than a matchup between two of the best players in the NBA. Derrick Rose, coming back after a season off with an ACL tear, against LeBron James and the National Champion Miami Heat. Two of the most dynamic and well recognized players in the game faced off in a matchup that each of their teams were picked to be the top teams in the Eastern Conference. That isn’t even the beginning of all of the shining stories of the 2013 season.

The Brooklyn Nets have a totally revamped team with a great dynamic of players. Not only did the Nets get a big three in Jason Terry, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce, they also got a new coach in Jason Kidd. An amazing player with a great career in the NBA retires and heads straight into coaching. It will be fun to watch the transition Kidd will have to go under this year to become a coach. With these changes, it immediately gives the Nets a better chance to take on the Heat and prevent the three-peat. Boston is now left with the residue of a blockbuster deal and has the look of a rebuilding team. New coach Brad Stevens has the struggle of rebuilding a franchise with such a rich history. If the team can compete this season, they will have a better chance of holding onto their best player, Rajon Rondo. Down in Houston, the Rockets made a huge deal to get Dwight Howard on the court. Now the pairing of Howard with Jeremy Lin and James Harden make the Rockets and force to be reckoned with in the Western Conference. Indiana Pacers, just 3-4 years removed from rebuilding the team, are now serious contenders for the Eastern Conference and possibly move into the finals as well. With Paul George, Roy Hibbert, and company, this team has not looked this good since Reggie Miller was on the team. In Oklahoma City, do the Thunder have all the pieces to put together another run for the finals? When Russell Westbrook comes back, will he play the same level as he has in the past? Lastly, you can’t go on talking about basketball without bringing up the Lakers. Kobe is still out with his injury and on a team that had such large expectations last year and came far short. Will Kobe be able to will his team to contend in the West as his career is starting to come to an end? The counterpart Clippers of Los Angeles have seemed to take over the high expectations with a new coach in Doc Rivers and with Chris Paul at the helm, this team looks to move farther in the postseason this year.

Almost every team in the NBA this year has some story or significant change to make their presence know all around the league. All of these changes are for the better of the league and makes each tougher. This season will attract more fans this year because of the shift of so many team and the goals they strive for. Will the Heat be able to three-peat with all the talent coming back to their team or will another team dethrone the champs this year? This year has a high outlook on all the possibilities for every team which is the reason I think that this season could be one of the best in this decade. All the stars align for a very competitive league this year and the players are all playing some of the best basketball we have seen in years. There are so many playmakers on each team; it is hard to not get excited about matchups between two teams. So the question is, who is going to be on top this year and who are YOU rooting for?

– Tyler Stricker (@TStrickk) 



The Boston Red Sox won their first World Series last night since 2007 and it couldn’t have happened a better way. At home. The fans were in the game the whole way through and were louder than what I have heard in most World Series games. I want to congratulate the team on their perseverance this year after the huge tragedy that happened. To see that this team could rally around such a devastating time and give the fans in Boston and around the world something to take their minds off of the horrific events that happened. This team was had a story the sporting world wanted to rally around and there victory sealed off the whirlwind year with a happy ending. To have a team go from worst to first and work through all the struggles of the year really shows the teams character and the reflects well on the Red Sox organization in whole. Congratulations to Boston again on a great World Series and no one will forget the tragedy of the Boston Marathon. Stay strong Boston. Stay Boston Strong.


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