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New Uniforms for NBA Christmas

adidas BIG Logo jersey featuring Derrick Rose

The NBA unveiled the new uniforms Thursday and it has gotten a lot of attention by the fans. These new uniforms are completely different than anything in the past. They are essentially a t-shirt design, but a tighter fit to look like a jersey. It is made out of the material used for jerseys currently which gives them an interesting design. Personally, I believe that the uniforms look different and I think, right now, that they don’t look good. I understand that change can be taken poorly and I believe that is how the majority of the fan base is taking this situation. I agree that they don’t look good now, only because we (the viewing audience of the NBA) are all used to sleeveless jerseys.

The biggest thing that I see in these new uniforms is that when we see these players hit the court with these shirts on is that it won’t look like they are playing professional basketball. When you play basketball with friends in a pick-up game, you play in street clothes. When you are playing an official game of basketball, whether it is in school or the pros, you don the jersey and it gives you that extra feeling that you are playing a game for a team or a school. Wearing a shirt for a uniform takes away in all the feel of the game for me. Jerseys have become part of the game for NBA and basketball as a whole and I don’t think that wearing a shirt will give the same look to the game. I understand this has no effect on the way the game is played and it won’t cause any harm to the game of basketball, but I believe that the look of the shirt makes these games seem a little more casual than when players put on a jersey.

There is something about putting on the numbers and the name on your back that makes a player feel like a true player and I think that putting on a shirt won’t have the same effect on a player. Once again, I don’t think this will affect the play, I just think that it is something that is very different. I think this is a test period to see how people respond to the new uniforms and the league is trying something that has not been done before. It is a good thing that most of the fan favorite teams are playing; otherwise I don’t think that this would go over as it currently has. The fact that the teams playing have all stars like Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, and LeBron James help immensely in the marketing of the new shirt design uniforms. Either way, good or bad, these uniforms will be worn during the Christmas games this year. It is up to you to decide if it is a Christmas gift or a lump of coal.

-Tyler Stricker (@TStrickk)


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