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Jacbson’s Weekly Top 5: 1st Quarter Performances in Top 25 Ranked Team’s Games


No. 5

Duke vs. 23 Miami

Score at the end of the 1st quarter: Miami leads 17 to 7


After this the first quarter, Duke quickly figured Miami out and won the game. Who would have guessed that would happen at the end of the first quarter? Duke did not answer back until Miami already had 10 points on the board. Matt Goudis kicked a 32 yard field goal early in the period and then less than a minute later, Stacy Coley found the end zone after returning the ball 79 yards on a punt return. While Duke answered back with a touchdown, Miami scored another touchdown with nearly two minutes remaining in the quarter when Herb Walters caught a 5 yard pass from Stephen Morris.


No. 4

5 Baylor vs. Texas Tech

Score at the end of the 1st quarter: Baylor leads 21-20


If I was coaching for Baylor, I would have been concerned early on as Texas Tech scored the first two touchdowns of the game. Baylor did not answer back until 6:05 remained in the quarter, when Levi Norwood caught a 40 yard touchdown pass from Bryce Petty. Although Texas Tech answered back with another touchdown, Norwood found the end zone again after running for a 58 yard punt return with 1:39 left to go in the quarter. With four seconds remaining in the quarter, Antwan Goodley caught a 31 yard pass from Petty to put Baylor up by one point. How did Baylor score two touchdowns in two minutes? During Texas Tech’s second set of downs after getting the ball back after the punt return for a touchdown, K.J. Morton intercepted Baker Mayfield’s pass at Texas Tech’s 32 yard line and then returned it for one yard. That’s when Petty took advantage of Texas Tech’s defense being unprepared by throwing a touchdown pass on the first play.


No. 3

22 Wisconsin vs. Indiana

Score at the end of the 1st quarter: Wisconsin leads 20-0


James White has been the leader on offense for the Badgers now for the last few weeks and he had an impressive performance again against the Hoosiers. After Nate Sudfeld’s pass was intercepted by Sojourn Shelton at Wisconsin’s 7 yard line, White ran the ball for 93 yards on the first play of the drive for the Badgers. Wisconsin’s second touchdown came just as easy when Stephen Houston fumbled the ball after rushing for three yards. The ball was recovered by Brendan Kelly at Indiana’s 14 yard line. Melvin Gordon found the end zone on the ground after a 1 yard run. The rest of the period wasn’t nearly as exciting as Wisconsin forced Indiana to punt twice and then kicked two field goals after each drive.


No. 2

Illinois vs. 3 Ohio State

Score at the end of 1st quarter: Ohio State leads 21-0


Braxton Miller was determined to dominate this game from the beginning as he had a 70 yard touchdown run with not even a minute into the game. During the Buckeye’s third play of the game, Miller faked a handoff to Hyde and was untouched after escaping two players from the opposing defense. With 4:55 left to go in the first period, Carlos Hyde caught and 18 yard touchdown pass from Miller. A little more than a minute later, Bradley Roby intercepted a pass that was tipped and then ran 63 yards to score the third touchdown of the quarter for Ohio State. Overall, Ohio State had 191 yards on offence at the end of the first quarter, despite working against a strong wind. Although the Illini moved the ball a little, the team was unable to answer Ohio State’s offense.


No. 1

2 Florida State vs. Syracuse

Score at the end of the 1st quarter: Florida State leads 28-0


I always thought 28 was a descent score to have at the end of a game, but it is an incredible score to have at the end of the first quarter. The first touchdown came early in the first quarter when James Wilder Jr. had a 3 yard touchdown run. Jameis Winston completed 5 passes out of 5 attempts to lead the team the way down the field before Wilder Jr. ran it in the end zone. Less than two minutes later, Levonte Whitfield had a 74 yard touchdown run on the first down of the second drive. With 4:41 minutes remaining in the quarter, Devonta Freeman had a 4 yard touchdown run. Then with less than a minute remaining in the first period, Rashad Greene caught a 6 yard touchdown pass from Jameis Winston. Overall, the Seminoles gained 269 total yards in the first period, while scoring a touchdown on each drive.


-Jordan Jacobson (On Twitter @jordanjacob91)


Wide World of Sports

It is week 11 in the NFL and there are a lot of key matchups! At noon, the Jets have an important matchup against the Bills. In order for the Jets to stay with the Patriots and maintain their wildcard spot, I believe the Jets need to win this game. After a tough loss to the Lions, the Bears battle the Ravens in Chicago. The Bears need to take advantage of playing on their home field and come up strong with a win in order to keep the Lions in sight. The Eagles will look to stay with the Cowboys as they battle the Redskins at home. The 49ers have a tough game this week against the Saints. If they desire to win the division over the Seahawks, I would suggest that the 49ers need to win this game because the end of the season is near and the Seahawks have what should be an easy win against the Vikings. On Monday, the surprising Panthers have an important matchup at home against the Patriots. The Panthers will look to win in order to stay with the Saints and keep their wildcard spot. Finally, it’s the game that we have all been waiting for. Will the Chiefs be able to knock off the Broncos? While the Chiefs have a tough defense, the Broncos have a strong offense. These two teams will battle Sunday night to see who controls the division, and ultimately the top seed in the AFC Conference.


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