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Robinson Cano is looking for (I think we all can agree) too much money. Cano came up with the idea of a 2nd baseman–an aging one at that–should be the highest paid player in baseball. He does state his case with his offensive and defensive skill set, but a 10-year deal worth five times more than the entire Houston Astros salary? I don’t think so, Robby. He might hit .310 consistently with 25+ homers almost every year, but there is no reason Cano should be paid that much money. Miguel Cabrera and a couple others state their case to get paid that elite amount of money better than Cano. Even though Cano does have the defense that puts him above the 1-dimensional level, he isn’t quite up to Cabrera or Trout’s offensive stature of the last couple years.

Catchers are the staple of a lot of teams these days. With more and more catchers being able to hit, they are getting paid. Being a catcher myself, it is awesome to see them succeed at the plate instead of just being what they usually are; great defenders with below-average bats. Players like Yadier Molina, Buster Posey and Joe Mauer (even though last year was his last behind the plate) gave the position more dimension the past 2-3 years. When a name like Carlos Ruiz, a 35-year old catcher with a bit of wear and tear on his body, gets paid the big bucks, you know there is some money coming to younger, talented-hitting catchers like San Fran’s Posey, Milwaukee’s Jonathon Lucroy and Chicago’s Welington Castillo.

The New York Mets’ fan base has to be thinking, “What were they thinking?” about the decision Matt Harvey and his medical staff made about not getting Tommy John surgery right away. Harvey, the 2013 NL All-Star game starter, was, not to be blunt about it in any way, pretty stupid not to undergo surgery. I’m in the same boat with the fan base because maybe he could have a freak recovery period (unlike Derrick Rose with the whole ACL injury) like Adrian Peterson’s ACL recovery. The young, star pitcher could have been back by the end of the 2014 season. Though the Mets may not… well, probably won’t be competing for a championship of any sort at that point, it would be good to see if he can get back to 100% and whether he will be ready to pitch the entire 2015 season.

 Word Of Sports

A controversial and interesting topic throughout the last year in DIII basketball has been the scoring outburst of Grinnell College’s Jack Taylor. As most avid sports fans know, Taylor scored an NCAA record 138 points last season against a Christian college that had a total enrollment of 364 students. To fund a basketball program is hard enough for a small college like that, but to be embarrassed like that? That has to be demoralizing. Well, this year Grinnell and Taylor were back but at a different venue. This time Taylor put up 109 against an even smaller Christian school. Where have ethics in sports gone?

-Neil Hebert (@Neilabear14)


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