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Would You Like Some Ice?

Blackhawks Sell Vials of Ice from Cup Final

Fans are absolutely nuts when it comes to sports memorabilia.  Many sports fans now are spending more money to own a piece of their favorite team as more unique items flood the market.  The days of just buying a jersey or poster of a favorite team isn’t enough for many fans as they are looking for more personalized items that may have a historical significance.

It has been well documented that sports card collectors are infamous for dropping a fortune to add pieces to their collections.  In April of 2013, the infamous Honus Wagner 1909 T206 trading card sold for a record $2.1 million at auction.  The industry of sports cards is in the hundreds of millions of dollars with collectors chasing autographs and game used jersey pieces inside of cards of the star players and Hall of Famers.  The card companies have even gotten a little bit exotic being capped by Topps a couple of years ago putting a lock of George Washington’s hair in one of the cards.

The Green Bay Packers have also been known for selling interesting pieces to help the only major sports franchise in America function.  The Packers typically sell stock shares for a modest sum of money in order to make ends meet.  The stock shares have no monetary value, but do make you a partical owner of the Green Bay Packers and allows you entrance into the yearly Packers owner meeting at Lambeau Field every summer.  The Packers sold pieces of the frozen tundra field that the Packers played on in the 1990’s when Lambeau Field was being renovated. 25,000 boxes were sold and all the money went to charity.

The Chicago Blackhawks are following the Green Bay Packers model selling the frozen ice from the United Center used during the Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup winning season in 2012-13.  The Blackhawks will be selling each sealed vile of ice for $99 and will be serial numbered from one to 2013.  The ice can be purchased on the team’s official website.

Each commemorative kit will include a leather-embossed display box engraved with the Blackhawks logo with a certificate of authenticity to match with the engraved number on the vile the ice is in.  Those doing holiday shopping, the ice probably won’t get to you in time to gift.  The expected delivery time on these is 6-8 weeks.  Blackhawk Charities, which is where the money is going towards, was founded in 1993 and has raised over $11 million for local nonprofit organizations.

The Blackhawks are giving the fans a piece of history that many fans envy while still helping out some charities in the process.  It should be fascinating to see if more teams follow-up on the Blackhawk’s lead and charge fans that want a piece of the team a sum of money in order to help out area charities.

World Of Sports

2013-11-19 Frank Kaminsky

Frank Kaminsky made Wisconsin Badgers history on Tuesday hanging a new school record 43 points on South Dakota in a 103-85 victory at the Kohl’s Center.  Kaminsky was an unheard of 16 of 18 shooting from the field including a flawless six of six from the three-point arc.  The previous scoring record for the Badgers was 42 which was held by both Ken Barners on March 8, 1965 against the Indiana Hoosiers and former Dallas Mavericks great Michael Finley on December 10, 1994 against Eastern Michigan.

Kaminsky’s outburst is a shocker considering he was averaging just 8.7 points per game coming into the game for the season, starting the season with a two point clunker in a win against St. Johns.  Kaminsky’s career-best for points was 19 points in the Badgers last 2012-13 victory against Illinois on February 3.  The Badgers won that game 69-66.

Both teams were smoking hot from the field tonight as South Dakota went 36 for 64 for a 56.3% shooting percentage for 83 points.  Keep in mind, this is the same Bo Ryan defense that allowed just 52 points to a top 10 ranked Florida Gators squad two games earlier.  Troy Huff was able to come off the bench and score 37 for North Dakota, which was lost in the headlines by Kaminsky’s 43.

Unfortunately for North Dakota, the Badgers were even better from the field shooting at a 62.1% clip off of 36 of 58 from the floor for their 103 points.  The Badgers hung more than 100 points for the first time since scoring 105 on Eastern Illinois back on Dec. 28, 1995.

– Greg Peterson


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