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Rangers Hope to Continue Success after extending the contract of Henrik Lundqvist

The hockey goalie may be the most important player in the entire landscape of sports.  Your team cannot lose a game if they don’t allow any goals to reach the back of the net.  The man the bravely stands between the pipes can truly deflate any chance of a team going to the playoffs or going all the way to Stanley Cup.

This was on full display a couple of seasons ago when the Los Angeles Kings were able to win Lord Stanley’s Cup despite being just barely making it into the NHL Playoffs as an eight-seed.  One of the best in the NHL, who has done just about everything in the NHL aside from go to the Stanley Cup Finals got his on Wednesday, signing a contract worth of his play.

The future of the New York Rangers just got significantly clearer on Wednesday.  Superstar goaltender Henrik Lundqvist signed a seven year extension worth $84.25 million.  The extension will make Lundqvist the highest paid goalie in NHL history with his $8.5 million per year.  That edges out the Boston Bruins Tuukka Rask and Pekka Renne who are both earning $7 million a season in their current deals.

Lundqvist was in the last year of a six-year, $41.25 million contract and received the contract despite being benched the past two games for backup goalie Cam Taibot.  Lundqvist is struggling a bit this year due to his lackluster support cast with an 8-11 record this season with a 2.51 goals-against average and a .917 save percentage.

The Rangers are currently struggling in the Easter Conference at a record of 14-14 with 28 points this season and in danger of missing the playoffs for the first time in five seasons.  The Rangers would be the eight-seed in the Eastern Conference Playoffs if the season ended today, with the New Jersey Devils and Carolina Hurricanes nipping at their heels being just one point back of that final playoff spot.  The good news for the Rangers is Lundqvist’s great track record.

Lundqvist is in the prime of was career at 31-years old achieving a career mark of 284-182 with an amazing 2.26 goals against average, saving 92% of the shots he has faced.  He also led Sweden to winning the Olympic gold medal in 2006 in Turin, Italy.  Lundqvist also won  2011-12 Vezina Trophy winner, given to NHL’s best goalie, going 39-18 with a .930 save rate, with just 1.97 goal allowed that season.  He is also the only goaltender in NHL history to record 30 wins in each of first seven seasons

Lundqvist is trying to keep his streak of never having a losing season as a goalie intact.  Since becoming the Rangers goalie in 2005-06, the Rangers have only missed the NHL postseason once, with that being the 2009-10 season.

Wide World of Sports

 The investigation into the sexual assault case brought upon Florida State redshirt freshman quarterback Jamies Winston has concluded and Willie Meggs will announce the findings in a press conference on Thursday at 1:00 p.m. central time.  The announcement has a huge impact on the whole landscape of college football.  If he is found to have enough evidence against him that he needs to go to trial for a felony, he will be suspended until the trail is complete, which would make him inactive for the ACC Championship Game against Duke on Saturday.  With a win, Florida State would go to the National Championship game as they are the current top-ranked team in the BCS Standings.  Winston is also the front runner for the Heisman Trophy and will win or lose the award based on the findings in Megg’s investigation.

-Greg Peterson (@Gunit_81)


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